Embra – Abjection (Review)

Embra - AbjectionThis is the debut album from Embra, a black/death metal band from the US.

Here we have a very tasty and impressive slice of modern atmospheric black metal, shot through with dark death metal influences for added bite.

Harsh and unforgiving, yet not without malevolent beauty or expansive presence, Embra have produced an album that’s as otherworldly and deadly as the strange environment depicted on their album cover.

The music is raw and abrasive, but still manages to foster atmosphere through terrifying dynamics and harrowing mood. Embra are a band that know how to set the scene well, only to destroy it completely with their foul, polluting presence.

I suppose you’d essentially refer to this as atmospheric blackened death metal, and it really is a hybrid of black/death too. The blackened aspects of the music propel it further into that side of the equation for a lot of the time, and this allows the band the freedom to explore the bleak, frightening world that they have created. The death metal side of their music is rarely too far away, however, and this adds real punch and presence to music that, stripped of it, would probably still be incredibly effective.

The main mode of vocal assault consists of absolutely inhuman growls. These are pitch black, insanely deep, and utterly daemonic in every way. I love them completely.

This album is very immersive and compelling. It draws you into its world without compromise, and keeps you there without restraint. Abjection is a piece of brutal blackened art that is absorbing like only the best of blackened works can be.

Holy crap. Where the Hell has this album come from? What dark underworld has it slipped out of, to infect the wider world around it? Abjection is hideous in its beauty and is an album that I can’t recommend enough.

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