Grey Czar – Boondoggle (Review)

Grey Czar - BoondoggleGrey Czar are an Austrian progressive rock band and this is their second album.

This is a pleasingly multifaceted beast, mixing progressive, heavy, psychedelic, stoner, doom, avant-garde, and sludge rock into a 47-minute album that entertains with zig zag focus and wild personality.

Keyboards enhance music that’s already layered and fully-textured, and each song here demonstrates its own character and individuality, while still working well and flowing into a whole.

The band’s music is instantly catchy and pleasingly memorable. However, there’s also substance here to go along with the apparent style. The music has an emotive core that’s developed and portrayed well through the music itself, as well as the individual vocal delivery.

Speaking of, the vocals are layered and performed by three of the four members, although the lead singer stands out by his distinct vocals – somewhere between Glenn Danzig and Serj Tankian. I’m sure that this will take some getting used to for some people, but it’s a definite selling point of the band.

The songs are quirky and experimental in some ways, yet restrained by a classic and timeless sense of songwriting that allows the band to almost seem like they’re going off the rails on occasion, but without actually doing so. In reality Grey Czar stick to well-worn formulas that are simple, yet very effective, especially as everything here is delivered and presented with such personality and vibrant life.

Well-written, with some compelling performances, and a firm core of emotion, these songs are not your standard or run-of-the-mill creations.  Grey Czar are not your average rock band, and more power to them for this.

Highly recommended.

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