Grand Harvest – Consummatum Est (Review)

Grand Harvest - Consummatum EstThis is the debut album from Swedish death/doom metallers Grand Harvest.

Here we have 51 minutes of death/doom metal, with some blackened influences thrown in for good measure. Prepare yourself in advance, as this is some Grade A stuff right here…

The music is dark and gloomy, but not without it’s energetic side. It’s wrapped in grimly harsh atmosphere and wreathed in the smoke of vanquished enemies. Forlorn melodies lace the music like dying wishes, while thick guitars unleash murderous riffs and harsh vocals spit, growl, and roar into the void.

Is not all doom and misery though, as Grand Harvest have a good grasp of both crushing heaviness and mood-building texture. Across a range of paces do the band spread their malevolent sermon, and the music is well-written and quite moreish; they know how to write songs that benefit from both atmospheric depth and direct-appeal catchiness.

This is death/doom with a good mix of both parent styles, as well as some minor touches of black metal to add extra darkness into the mix. It keeps a firm eye on the songwriting throughout, so as atmospheric as this album undoubtedly can be, it is also full of surprisingly large hooks that firmly become lodged in the listener’s eager flesh.

So, if you want death metal with a hearty doom influence that’s heavy in both riffs and atmosphere, and you like the sort of catchy appeal that makes bands like Amon Amarth, Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower, and 1914 so good, then look no further than Consummatum Est. Grand Harvest have seemingly come out of nowhere and put themselves firmly on the map.

Essential listening.

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