The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough (Review)

The Night Flight OrchestraThe Night Flight Orchestra are a Swedish hard rock band and this is their fourth album.

The Night Flight Orchestra are shockingly good. I mean really, really good. By all rights I shouldn’t like this kind of thing, as it’s not the sort of music I tend to listen to very often, if at all, but something about the execution of this band’s tunes really grabs me hard.

I was definitely enticed by the singer of Soilwork‘s presence in the band. I’ve always been a fan of his vocals, but on Amber Galactic it was a joyous revelation to experience just how good of a singer he actually is. Couple that with some exquisitely-delivered nostalgic classic/hard rock that boasted utterly infectious songwriting and this was an album full of huge songs and more hooks than anything.

Barely a year after Amber Galactic, we now have Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough. The band are back for more, and across 58 minutes of new music they’ve managed to captivate me once again. The presence of the guitars is felt even less on this album, with the keyboards taking centre stage more and more. Normally this is something I would not be happy about, but here…well, not being happy while listening to The Night Flight Orchestra is impossible. This is a band that exude happiness from every rocking pore that they have.

The band are not one-trick ponies, however, and Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough is just as pleasingly varied as its predecessor. The songs have a multifaceted depth to them, drawing from their 70s and 80s influences quite blatantly to create almost an hour of music that’s utterly compelling and ridiculously lovable.

So, so catchy. So very catchy. That could be the entire review almost. The hooks that I mentioned earlier are here in abundance, and the end result is sleek, sexy songs that are…well…very, very catchy.

Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough is an album of joy and delight. I find it impossible not to be uplifted by its manifold charms, wealth of rousing choruses, and profusion of hooks.

I mean, how the Hell can you not like this? Have I mentioned how catchy it is…?

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