The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic (Review)

The Night Flight OrchestraThe Night Flight Orchestra are a Swedish hard rock band and this is their third album.

Featuring members of Soilwork, Arch Enemy, and Witchery, (among many others), this is something of a different beast from these other bands, and presents us with 50 minutes of classic rock with some progressive overtones.

Sung by the frontman of Soilwork, his instantly-recognisably voice is well-received and incredibly pleasing. He’s a complete crowd pleaser in every way and on Amber Galactic demonstrates a wider range than his usual projects too.

Like a walk down an extremely nostalgic hallway hung with paintings of 70s and 80s rock stars and forgotten heroes, Amber Galactic is the soundtrack to reliving lost days and missed experiences.

But really…what can you say about something like this? It’s just…fun. The tracks are completely enjoyable old-school rockers, with enough colour, progressive interest, and passionate delivery to carry the day.

The songs are full of hooks, and so very catchy it’s just silly. This isn’t just the prominent vocals either, but pretty much every part of the songs. I must particularly commend the keyboards too. You just don’t hear them played like this very often anymore! A keyboard solo is a rare thing nowadays, and this is a sad thing. Actually, the entire album is a rare beast these days. You almost don’t want to listen to it too much in case you scare it away, so fleeting are real glimpses of this type of music in the wild in 2017. A shame.

But fear not! The Night Flight Orchestra are here to cheer you up and provide you with more than enough musical nourishment to keep you going for quite some time.

Amber Galactic is pure nostalgic joy wrapped up in hedonistic pleasure.

Listen, enjoy, and relive times of old.

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