Incorporea – To Exorcize the Sun (Review)

IncorporeaIncorporea are a Spanish black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Here we have a darkly atmospheric 12 minutes of music. The two songs on this EP are very enjoyable examples of what Incorporea are capable of. Full of bleak, depressive atmosphere layered with cold aggression, this brief foray into the land of Incorporea is definitely worth the trip.

Mixing elements of old-school doom metal into their delivery, the band insert their black metal firmly into this emotive, fragile exterior. Aspects of atmospheric, depressive, and second wave black metal can all be heard, and the songs are well-written examples of how to incorporate all of these parts into coherent, satisfying music.

The various melodies that appear are used well, merging with the darker side of the guitars to create music that has a good mix of frosted blackness and warm, despondent emotive content. The doom metal influence is sometimes a subtle one, (sometimes not), but can definitely be heard regardless; a blackened version of the old Anathema/Paradise Lost style, in some ways. Rich in melody and despair, while having an atmospheric/depressive black metal heart, this is a quality listen.

The vocals are sharp screams, performed in the traditional way. Sitting atop the expressive music like serrated barbs, they borrow deep into the songs and refuse to be moved, lacerating and tearing with every shriek. I very much like them.

A quality and enjoyable EP.

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