Magister Dixit – Their Blood, Their Sweat, Their Tears (Review)

Magister DixitMagister Dixit are a melodic black metal band from Canada and this is their sixth album.

Featuring members of Spirit of the Forest, Their Blood, Their Sweat, Their Tears contains 50 minutes of melodic/symphonic black metal, played with gusto and delivered with passion and a hunger for war.

The music is richly melodic, while still retaining a blackened bite. Keyboards add additional symphonic and epic elements to the music, enhancing the band’s core of sharp, spiky black metal.

It’s not an album of relentless speed, (although the band certainly know when to accelerate), but is mainly more focused on delivering black metal with epic and melodic grandeur, whether this be slow, mid-paced, or fast. I must confess that I especially enjoy the faster sections, however, when the guitars sound like razorblades slicing through flesh – Flamethrower is a particular favourite of mine for this reason.

Although the majority of the material on this album is of the sort that you would expect from a band like this, some of the ideas in the songs and their structuring take an interesting, atypical route, with the band not always opting for the easy approach or the well-travelled path. This simply adds to the appeal of the music on Their Blood, Their Sweat, Their Tears, which largely provides the listener with sharp, melodic black metal that’s ably spiced up with orchestral elements in a quite enjoyable and endearing way.

This album takes me back to the late 90s, when I was listening to a lot of bands similar to this. It does offer more than just a nostalgia trip, however, as it’s full of enthusiastic and well-written music with a definite martial quality.

A recommended listen.

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