Demonstealer – The Holocene Termination (Review)

Demonstealer - The Holocene TerminationThis is the latest EP from Demonstealer, a one-man extreme metal act from India.

This 19-minute EP finds the artist behind Demonstealer surrounding himself with many guests, from bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Six Feet Under, Equipoise, Gorgasm, and Marduk.

The Holocene Termination is a well-written and energetic ride into death metal territories via black and thrash metal alleyways. The songs are brutal and aggressive, while focusing on a song-based approach that makes them much more accessible than they might otherwise be in lesser hands. They also have an epic streak, that can occasionally bubble to the surface, recalling bands such as Nile or Behemoth.

Across the tracks can be found an abundance of hooks and surprisingly catchy moments. These are sometimes quite striking and punch you in the face with their ferocious delivery. At other times they can be much more subtle, working their way into your head without you even realising what’s happening.

The Holocene Termination is a very strong and enjoyable EP. Do yourself a favour and check it out now.

Highly recommended.

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