Nexorum – Tongue of Thorns (Review)

Nexorum - Tongue of ThornsThis is the second album from Norwegian black/death metal band Nexorum.

Nexorum play death-infused black metal, and feature a member of Keep of Kalessin on bass. Their music is harsh and unforgiving, yet has a side that’s pure grandiose infernal malevolence. Taken together, Tongue of Thorns is a compelling slice of aggressive darkness.

Nexorum have crafted a professional album that combines its influences well. Merging the black and death metal realms into a muscular-yet-sharp 45 minutes, Tongue of Thorns unleashes the sort of bladed blackened assault that should find favour with fans of acts like Nordjevel, Marduk, Necronautical, Night Crowned, and Dark Funeral.

The aggression is withering as the band tear through the music like daemons were chasing them. Even so, they still find time to occasionally slow and take in a more atmospheric route away from their pursuers, such is their skill and confidence.

The music is well-written and delivered, and I can’t help but like this form of music. It’s black metal that’s been shaped by a death metal influence, making for music that’s both furious and crushing. Nexorum have a keen melodic understanding, and use this to inject atmosphere and feeling into their songs. They also know how best to utilise keyboards to enrich their sound in key places, adding a layer of dark grandeur to proceedings that’s engaging.

Tongue of Thorns is an enjoyable album that has hidden depths, should you choose to take the time to explore its world thoroughly. It has an instant appeal that should be undeniable to those with a taste for this sort of blackened hostility, yet benefits from an atmospheric presence that’s woven into the very fabric of the music’s being.

Nexorum have produced a satisfying and enjoyable album, and if you’re a fan of the style then this is a highly recommended listen for you to get your teeth into.


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