Obliterate – Impending Death (Review)

ObliterateThis is the second album from Obliterate, a deathcore/death metal band from Canada.

As much as I’m partial to a bit of deathcore now and again, I much prefer it when it’s mixed in with some meaty death metal too. Enter Impending Death.

At just under 29 minutes in duration, relatively brief by comparison to many of their peers, Impending Death spends the time wisely by basically unleashing wave after wave of crushingly heavy riffs and brutal, pounding blast beats.

The songs are rhythmically punishing and demonstrate a band that have built on their deathcore base with sturdy death metal foundations. This has resulted in 8 tracks that pulverise and, yes, obliterate with ease. The album is surprisingly catchy and moreish, and the band’s energetic and enthusiastic delivery, coupled with the fact that they actually know how to write a decent song too, means that I could listen to this album over and over again.

The songs are definitely cut from a modern cloth in terms of style and delivery, but there’s more depth here than you’d expect for something like this. Obliterate have clearly learned a thing or two from listening to their classic death metal. The songs may be aggressive and brutal in a modern way, but they haven’t neglected to include elements of melody and atmosphere now and then amidst the carnage, something which older strains of death metal do very well. Combine this with the dynamics and instant appeal of deathcore, a good helping of solid death metal muscle, and a touch of modern metal/djent, and you have a damn good album.

The vocals are a mixture of deep growls and higher screams. This is relatively normal for a release like this, but I do like the singer’s growling voice especially. His delivery has a certain amount of personality in it that can easily be absent from many deathcore singers, (and usually is). His performance is full of obvious passion for what he’s doing, and this comes across well.

As I’ve said in the past, music like this demands a strong, punchy production, and Impending Death certainly has this. It sounds heavy and solid enough to crush a building.

Yep, I really, really enjoyed this. Good songs, good sound, good performances. What’s not to like? Highly recommended.

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