Louise Lemón – Purge (Review)

Louise LemonLouise Lemón is a Swedish death gospel artist and this is her debut album.

Mixing folk, soul, Gothic, electronic, pop, and ambient into slow, meaningful songs, Purge contains 31 minutes of exquisite material. Pretty much every second of it is tinged with darkness and melancholy, which has all contributed towards the creation of a superlative collection of tracks.

The music on this album is gloomy and dark, as well as being rich, sumptuous, and beautiful. Listening to Purge is a haunting and extremely satisfy experience, as not only are the songs well-written and arranged, but the delivery of the music and the entrancing vocals of Louise Lemón herself are just wonderful.

The vocals are luscious and captivating, and Louise Lemón ably demonstrates her wide range and talent across the tracks. Her performance is ethereal and soulful, and the combination of her powerful vocals and the sublime music makes for a truly affecting and emotive listen.

The songs are immersive and absorbing, and quite hypnotic in their delivery. This is the kind of album that you can easily fall into and disappear to.

Although this is not normally the kind of thing I listen to, or include on this site, anyone who enjoys the dark, wistful allure of music from artists such as Chelsea Wolfe and Myrkur will surely appreciate this equally as much. Purge is a highly recommended listen for anyone who enjoys softness with their darkness.

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