Whoresnation – Mephitism (Review)

WhoresnationWhoresnation are a grindcore band from France and this is their second album.

Featuring 20 tracks in 20 minutes, you know this is going to be a savage listen. As soon as you press play, the onslaught begins.

This band have been active for almost ten years, so it’s a real shame that they’ve only just come to my attention now. Utterly brutal and relentlessly ferocious, these blisteringly short tracks strike a very engaging and moreish balance between deathgrind aggression and hardcore energy.

The songs are brief and deadly, and frequently display technical skill alongside the more direct aspects of the overwhelming assault. Fast and nasty, the songs do occasionally slow down, but it’s mostly a high-octane attack on the senses, with the listener forced to fend off multiple blows from weighty, blunt objects, as well as sharper bladed cuts and stabs.

Guttural deathgrowls are twinned with harshly barked shouts as the singer attempts to swallow the microphone and regurgitate it back up again, seemingly at the same time.

Mephitism is the kind of brutal, dark grindcore that I simply lap up. I highly suggest you subject yourself to Whoresnation’s merciless aggression.

Very highly recommended.

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