Psychoneurosis – The Fall of Humanity (Review)

Psychoneurosis - The Fall of HumanityThis is the debut album from Polish grindcore band Psychoneurosis.

Despite forming in 1991, this is Psychoneurosis’ first full length. The band reactivated in 2016 after being quiet for a decade and a half. I became familiar with Psychoneurosis through their recent split with Agathocles, which I quite enjoyed.

The album cover’s similarity to Napalm Death‘s From Enslavement to Obliteration should tell you something about what to expect from The Fall of Humanity. Yes, this is old-school grindcore, played fast and with brutal impact. With 26 minutes of material divided into 20 tracks, Psychoneurosis have delivered an album of short blasts of grinding aggression for us to enjoy.

The music is muscular and lean, with plenty of high-speed assaults to energise pits everywhere. Different paces appear here and there, but this is definitely a pack of grinders that like to play fast. Well, you’ll get no complaints from me about this. The band’s punk influences come through in a certain rawness of delivery, despite a decent, clear production which aids and abets the music well.

Vocally we get harsh shouts and strangled screams. There’s an urgency to these utterances, as well as a level of anger and furious rage. Better stay out of this guy’s way.

Overall this is solid grindcore release, one which grindheads everywhere should check out.

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