Hyrgal – Serpentine (Review)

HyrgalThis is the debut album from French black metallers Hyrgal.

Hyrgal play aggressively melodic black metal with a modern coating of hard ice.

The grim screams of the singer ring out strong and true, malevolent in form and frozen in delivery.

For the most part Serpentine is fast and cold, ferociously grim with a core of blackened darkness. Atmospheric components and esoteric melodies are built around this central streak of blackness, providing a musical framework that worships at the orthodox black metal altar, while also offering a modern take on the classic style.

As mentioned, the music is not without its atmospheric moments, and these are incorporated into the overall aggressive flow of the album well. Some Cascadian influences can be heard, providing an additional depth to the raw assault of the songs. Ambient elements can also be heard here and there too.

Overall Serpentine is a strong collection of tracks. The running time is under 40 minutes in length, offering a good hit of blackened energy, while not outstaying its welcome.

A recommended listen.

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