Kontagion – Kontagion (Review)

Kontagion - KontagionThis is the second album from Polish industrial metallers Kontagion.

Following on from their 2015 album [R-!-E]elentless and 2017 EP KO[R-!-E], Kontagion present us with 48 minutes of industrial metal on their latest outing.

On Kontagion the band continue to merge Fear Factory, Godflesh, and Slipknot influences, and much like the jump forward in quality from their debut album to EP, there’s a progression in quality from the EP to this new album too.

The band’s mechanised assault is well-delivered, benefiting from a songwriting approach that sees the strengths of the style emphasised and the weaknesses minimised. Heavy riffs mix with atmospheric melodies and industrial enhancements, while deep vocals growl and shout alongside. The band’s sense of rhythm and dynamics have improved, as have the use of the melodies and keyboards that add depth and layers to the songs.

Industrial metal can tend to sound too easily like the giants of the style, and although you can certainly hear the influences on this work, I’m pleased to say that on this album Kontagion sound the most like themselves that they ever have so far. This is my favourite Kontagion release. I hope that the band continue to go from strength to strength.

Make sure you give this a listen.

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