Coilguns – Millennials (Review)

CoilgunsCoilguns are a hardcore band from Switzerland and this is their second album.

Playing music that’s intricate and full of lethal promise, this is 39 minutes of focused violence and barely restrained aggression. The songs on this album are full of intensity and harshness, but in a controlled and directed manner.

The band members of Coilguns are all in The Ocean, and the ingenuity and creativity that they demonstrate in their parent band has been warped and transformed in Coilguns into violent and contemporary hardcore music, with elements of a disparate variety of related styles thrown in for good measure, (sludge, grindcore, crust, even a dash of black metal).

This is non-standard aggression, channelled into tracks that twist and turn under heavy duress and use targeted force to achieve their aims. Think of bands such as Converge, Botch, Norma Jean, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Weekend Nachos, and the like; bands with individual sounds and a flavour all of their own. This is the landscape that Coilguns operate in, and they lord it over their own patch with confidence and dark vision.

The ten tracks on Millennials each have their own style and focus, with some favouring a more direct approach to savagery, while others take a more labyrinthine route to sanding your face off. The band take the time to create involved and engaging atmosphere on some tracks too, so it’s not all wanton violence and carnage. After all, this is a release that manages to strike the right balance between style and substance, doing both extremely well.

With personality, individuality, depth, and bucketfuls of good ideas, anyone into complex violent hardcore would be well advised to get their hands on this one.

Very highly recommended.

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