Defecto – Nemesis (Review)

DefectoDefecto are a Danish metal band and this is their second album.

Defecto play a hybrid modern metal style with symphonic components. The music combines power and symphonic metal with harder elements of modern metal and thrash; think a mix of the European and American styles. The end result is huge songs and big ambitions, and overall it works more than it doesn’t.

This is an album that has strong choruses and is full of catchy hooks. This is backed up by a selection of big riffs and good ideas, as the band work through the 58 minutes of material on this album.

Nemesis is professionally produced and delivered, with everything sounding pristine and polished. There’s a definite commercial, stadium-friendly edge to Defecto, and they fill this role well.

This kind of album needs a strong singer, (as I usually note for anything like this that relies on soaring clean vocals), and the singer of Defecto has a very, very strong voice. He’s a definite asset to the band in these songs, and it’s hard to fault his performance. He even throws in some harsh growls here and there, which is something I usually appreciate.

It’s not too often that I hear something as shiny and polished as this that I really enjoy, but this I did. Nemesis isn’t a perfect album by any means, (occasionally the more ostentatious European influences seem at oods with the more conservative American ones), but for the most part I liked it more than I didn’t.

Boasting a selection of quality songs that hit hard with instant appeal, but also draw you back for repeat listens, Nemesis is a strong and enjoyable piece of work. Check this out.


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