Of Legions – Face Value (Review)

Of LegionsThis is the debut album from UK hardcore band Of Legions.

Face Value is an angry slab of metallic hardcore; 29 minutes of teeth and attitude.

One of the things I like about this album is that it’s not the hyper-polished modern generic rehash I was honestly expecting. This is rawer and with more of an underground bite. Although there are some modern influences in their sound for sure, they also, (mainly), take a lot of influence from older groups.

Think aspects of Black Flag and Minor Threat mixed with elements of Born from Pain, Terror, and Throwdown, for example. I can even hear some Downset in the band’s longest song – Suicidal Thoughts. Add in a some blast beats and a few nods to contemporary riffage and you’re golden. Overall, Face Value sounds much more like it should have been released about 17 years ago than it does these days.

Vocally the singer has more character and individuality than you’d expect too, which is quite in line with what the music delivers. His performance is enthusiastic and feels like it has the passionate energy to back up what he’s doing.

Unexpectedly old-school and unashamedly anachronistic, Of Legions have produced an album that’s extremely enjoyable and, for me, quite nostalgic in some ways. This is not to say that it’s not still relevant in the current year, however. It is, and Face Value is a strong and worthy addition to any punk/hardcore/metal fan’s collection.

Check this out.

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