Neige Morte – TRINNNT (Review)

Neige MorteNeige Morte are a French post-black metal band and this is their third album.

2014’s Bicephaale stood out with its unusual delivery and incorporation of non-black metal sub-genres. As such, when TRINNNT was unleashed, I knew I had to expose myself to the ravages of the band’s virulent plagues once more.

Raw and experimental, this is a band that love to explore the filthiest depths of black metal’s debauched underworld. Twisting and corrupting sludge and death metal into its savage assault, this is 32 minutes of horror and nightmare given voice and form across four ugly, malignant tracks.

The music consists of thundering cacophonies of dissonant, icy aggression. Broken moments of corrupted atmosphere are trotted out like captured slaves, before being strangled to death for the pleasure of their grim masters. Fractured, injured melodies are sometimes briefly allowed out of their chains, but only for short moments before being clamped back in fetters once more with violent force.

For all of its impenetrable murk and outward hostility, this album is well-written and shows a flair for creativity in its composition. The songs are definitely atypical beasts, taking what they want from black metal’s core style, but not limiting themselves to it as they dredge the bottom of post-black metal waters in search of the foulest treasures. Some of the best parts on the album occur when the band’s black/sludge elements truly coalesce together, producing harsh, abrasive music that creates tense, harrowing atmosphere.

As I said on my review of Bicephaale – this is not music that will appeal to just anyone, but if you have the fortitude to weather its beatings and abuse, TRINNNT is a shockingly good listen.

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