The Grindful Dead – I Spit on Your God (Review)

The Grindful DeadThis is the debut album from Brazilian grindcore band The Grindful Dead.

Ahhh, grindcore. Sometimes you just need to listen to a band like The Grindful Dead, preferably at a loud volume. I Spit on Your God vomits forth 31 tracks across 29 minutes; this is fast, savage, and full of energetic aggression.

The band’s music takes a largely old-school stance, mixing old Napalm Death, (and others), with a punk/hardcore approach, resulting in music that’s blunt and barbaric, repeatedly caving in your skull with the biggest rock it can find.

Although there’s a crossover feel to the occasional riff here and there, this is not a huge part of the band’s sound, although it is worth noting. For the most part it’s punk-fuelled old-school grindcore all the way, and it’s obvious within a track or two that The Grindful Dead know the style inside and out.

There’s plenty of fast pace here to satisfy grindfreaks who worship the cult of speed, but The Grindful Dead also know how to tear out a good mid-paced riff as well. The occasional guitar solo is a nice touch, as are the brief moments of melody when they appear. Yes, there’s a decent amount of variety in the delivery here, as long as you understand what that means in the context of an album that has more tracks than it does minutes in its running time.

I Spit on Your God is a sadistically enjoyable old-school blast of grind. Check this out.

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