Alastor – The Dark Tower (Review)

AlastorAlastor are a Portugese blackened thrash metal band and this is their sixth album.

Here Alastor give us 48 minutes of furious blackthrash, and they do it surprisingly well. I say ‘surprisingly’ only because I find this kind of subgenre quite disappointing most of the time, but must confess that when it’s done right, I really take to it.

The reason why I like this album so much is partly down to how carelessly nasty it is, and in a way that takes the best of both the old-school black and thrash styles. On The Dark Tower 90s second wave black metal and 80s aggressive thrash metal collide, and it’s great to hear it done in such a primordial, enthusiastic way.

The album is not without its atmospheric moments either. Admittedly these are few and far between, but the band do manage to get in some genuinely dark moods in between the rampant aggression and primitive riffs. Speaking of riffs, there’s a lot of these crammed into these songs, and very pleasing they are too.

Imagine if old Kreator/Sodom had been given a blackened overhaul. If you’re a fan of blackthrash then check this out.

One thought on “Alastor – The Dark Tower (Review)”

  1. “Imagine if old Kreator/Sodom had been given a blackened overhaul.” Welp, that’s enough for me to give these guys a listen. I do love me some Kreator and have been getting into Sodom a lot lately.

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