Nortt – Endeligt (Review)

NorttNortt is a one-man black/doom metal band from Denmark and this is his fourth album.

Here we have 40 minutes of black metal that’s been bent to the will of funeral doom and dark ambience. This is music to listen to in a lightless environment, preferably while staring up at the stars and contemplating how insignificant you are.

Solemn and gloomy, this is dark, atmospheric music that uses mood and ambience to establish grim soundscapes of nightmarish aspect. The tracks on Endeligt slowly unfurl with darkest intent, seemingly spreading out over the world like a creeping plague of sorrow and loss.

There’s a depressive black metal influence in the album’s sound, which merges at a fundamental level with the funeral doom and ambient elements, creating music that’s less about songs and more about bleak, woeful moodscapes.

This is one of those release where some of the tracks actually seem too short, as if the malignant atmospheric music they deliver gets too much for them and they prematurely expire of the keenest heartbreak. The music on Endeligt is very expressive and atmospheric, and while most of it is well-judged when it comes to pace, depth, and length, I can’t help but feel that I’d have preferred some of it to be drawn out that little bit longer so that the listener could really embrace and get lost in the misery. A relatively minor complaint in the grand scheme of things, of course, one which ultimately boils down to the fact that I could have easily have taken more material from Nortt. Regardless; what’s here is very, very engrossing.

Slow, dark, atmospheric, affecting music like this offers many grim delights, and Endeligt is a very strong return from an act that has spent the last 10 years silent.

Highly recommended.

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