Hamferð – Támsins Likam (Review)

HamferðThis is the second album from death/doom band Hamferð, who are from the Faroe Islands.

On Támsins Likam Hamferð have crafted an emotive 44 minutes of powerful death/doom, with an emphasis on the doom metal side of the equation.

Filled with dark moods and bleak woes, the songs on this album are textured compositions that clearly demonstrate a dedicated band playing a heartfelt style of music.

While undeniably heavy when the band want it to be, lighter, more reflective spaces are used to add further layers and depth to the Hamferð sound. This makes for an extremely atmospheric album, with its true heaviness coming from the band’s emotional performance overall, and not just from the thick distortion of the rhythm guitars when they appear.

The vocals combine deep, hungry growls with distinctive and charismatic clean singing. The growls are just as I like them for this kind of music, sounding like they’re made of some form of living, monstrous stone. The clean vocals, however, are something else entirely. Clean singing is not usually employed on death/doom releases, so not only is it an unexpected treat to find them on this one, but they are performed so very, very well that they’re definitely a highlight of the songs. Combined with the emotive power and presence of the music, Támsins Likam is a very effective and affecting work.

Throughout this review I’ve used variations of the word emotive and emotion several times, and I think that’s the key aspect of this album for me. This is a release that’s basically dripping with emotion; bleakly rendered and full of sorrowful feeling. The music is striking in its delivery, and despite how clearly enjoyable its more obvious assets are, it’s the core emotive performance of the band and singer that really propel this album to the great heights it ascends.

A wonderfully evocative and compelling release, Támsins Likam has what it takes to make a lasting impression.

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