Druid Lord – Grotesque Offerings (Review)

Druid LordDruid Lord are a death/doom metal band from the US and this is their second album.

I wonder what rotten, infested crypt this has crawled out of? Druid Lord manifest themselves as shambling ghouls, full of the horrors of the night and the terrors that lurk just at the edges of your vision.

Mixing elements of old-school UK doom, (think Paradise Lost), with a contemporary delivery, (think Temple of Void), this album is 55 minutes of monolithic doom infused with death metal’s ancient bite.

Macabre melodies drip from the music like unwanted bodily fluids, while thick, heavy guitars crush and devastate all around them. This is music that’s mainly slow and deliberate, wrapped in the trappings of yesteryear and cloaked in dark atmosphere and sinister character. Leads and solos are made abundant use of to add depth and a certain corpse-fresh colour to the heavy distortion of the main guitars and the pummelling drums.

The band’s oppressive riffs are extremely satisfying, and even though the album lasts almost an hour, it’s a very easy listen if you’re a fan of this kind of thing.

The vocalist has a very pleasing deathgrowl, one that strikes the right balance between brutal aggression and charismatic personality.

Druid Lord know their genre very well, and the songs on Grotesque Offerings are well-written and well-performed examples of the dark death/doom art.

Grotesque Offerings is as nasty and horrific a death/doom album that you’re likely to meet. Yep, you’ve got to give this a listen.

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