Earth Drive – Stellar Drone (Review)

Earth DriveEarth Drive are a Portuguese doom rock/metal band, and this is their debut album.

Now this is the stuff. Involved, textured, and full of emotive delivery, this is an album that will worm its way into your head and stay there.

Stellar Drone is a cosmic journey through the worlds of stoner, psychedelic, alternative, and doom rock/metal. And what a trip it is!

The songs are heavy and full of spacefaring melodies, otherworldly vibes, and immersive mood. With riffs that stick in the mind and understated, yet powerful, vocals, the tracks on this album effortlessly combine instant appeal with lasting and memorable atmosphere.

A lot of the delivery is nicely slow and unfolds at a suitably confident, yet unhurried, pace. The band do speed things up here and there, but mostly they play things with a relaxed and heavy air, making the most of the atmospheric music that they create.

The vocalist has a voice that alternates between soft, sultry croons and powerful, emotive singing. She delivers a first-rate performance, and is set at a level in the mix where she doesn’t dominate the music, despite being an obvious draw for the listener’s attention. Her voice acts as another mood-driven layer to the band’s sound.

Stellar Drone is an extremely enjoyable collection of slowly-burning tunes.

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