Void of Sympathy – Lost in Thoughts (Review)

Void of SympathyVoid of Sympathy are a melodic death/groove metal band from Poland. This is their debut EP.

Here we have 20 minutes of enjoyable upbeat aggression, with a fiery heart and some decent riffs.

Taking a European melodic death metal approach and combining it with a bit of groove metal, this should appeal to fans of bands like Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Soilwork, Lamb of God, and similar.

The band have two singers, and the mix of clean vocals and screams/growls works better than if they were merely only alternated via a standard verse/chorus mechanism, as a lot of this kind of music is. Here the two singers are active at the same time, weaving into and supporting each other. After all, what’s the point of having two singers if you don’t do this more than not?

All of the band members know what they’re doing with their roles, but I particularly like the leads and solos that appear. Professionally played and arranged, these, and the songs that they work in as a whole, work very well.

Lost in Thoughts demonstrates a band with a lot of potential. These four tracks are well-written and well-delivered, and the whole EP is quite enjoyable. Hopefully they will continue to develop and refine their sound in the future, stamping their music with even more of an individual mark. Until then, this EP is a very good listen, and already has a good few attributes that sees the band able to differentiate themselves from many of their peers.

Check this out.

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