Complete Failure – Crossburner (Review)

Complete FailureThis is the fourth album from Complete Failure, a grindcore band from the US.

Complete Failure play aggressive grindcore with streaks of vicious punk.

Frenzied and energetic, the songs, (and album), last a bit longer than you might think for this kind of thing, allowing the band to combine some old-school groove with their fiery speed.

The occasional moment of grim atmosphere is also allowed for here and there too, building in some increased longevity and substance into the band’s savage assault. Although most of the material here is straightforward aggression, I like these additional touches that the band include, as it makes for a well-rounded release of hardcore-fuelled belligerence.

The singer’s voice is unhinged and hostile. He seems like he’s hurried and harassed all of the time, resulting in a breathless performance as he tries to out-pace the music. Although it may not sound it from that description, it very much works, and you certainly can’t accuse him of having a generic grindcore/punk voice.

Overall everything here is extremely enjoyable and the tracks on Crossburner offer up a brutal experience that’s not without its variety or depth.

This is essentially old-school punk-driven grind injected with modern brutality and delivery. You should make sure you check this out.


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