Orbseven – Cosmos out of Chaos (Review)

OrbsevenOrbseven is a one-man post-black metal band from the US and this is his fourth album.

2014’s .ismos. was a creative and novel album that took various aspects of avant-garde, experimental, and post-black metal and forged them into something quite enjoyable and satisfying.

I’m pleased to say that with his latest release the artist behind Orbseven has continued to refine and develop his sophisticated sound, producing a new album that’s his best work yet.

With a duration of just under 50 minutes, this album is longer both overall and on an individual track basis than its predecessor. Each song has its own identity and character, with its own personality shaping its direction and focus. This means that Orbseven’s songs are better than ever as they have much more opportunity to grow, spread, and expand into the longer playing times, creating modern black metal that combines atmospheric mood with cosmic harshness.

The music is dark, esoteric, and emotive. Exploring various moods and feelings across its playing time, the songs don’t confine themselves to one style throughout the album, instead adopting an approach which sees them take in various blackened sub-genres, as well as a death metal influence in places.

Cosmos out of Chaos is a well-written album, with plenty to hold the listener’s attention and keep them returning for more. The soundscapes that are explored and developed across the tracks are easy to absorb and enjoy, as long as you’re comfortable with the blackened nightmares that they spawn in your subconscious mind as you travel through them, of course.

Highly recommended.

Find out more here and here.

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