Eaten – Eaten (Review)

EatenEaten are a US grindcore band and this is their debut album.

This is old-school, classic-styled grindcore, the likes of which uses ugly clubs to bash, beat, and smash everyone and everything within hitting distance.

Featuring 19 tracks in 17 minutes, the band concentrate purely on the good stuff – short, dense, ugly deathgrind that’s played by people indentured to this kind of work through birth and predestined fate. Eaten know this stuff inside out.

It’s hard not to enjoy this type of brutal, callous grindcore if you’re partial to the style. Eaten’s songs are brief, dirty, nasty, and violent, in all of the right ways.

Hidden within the viscous tangles of bludgeoning riffs and abrasive aggression are occasional nods towards melody or nuance too; these don’t appear very often, but when they do they add to the music significantly, almost recalling a Converge-like intensity/complexity. They’re certainly not the norm in Eaten’s delivery, but these aspects can be heard through the walls of harshness that the band put out.

This is an enjoyably ugly release. Eaten are raw, real, and dangerous.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for grindcore that’s not pretty, sharp, or tarnished by overly polished, sterile deliveries.

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