Dead Label – Throne of Bones (Review)

Dead LabelThis is the second album from Irish metal band Dead Label.

Mixing groove metal, modern metal, metalcore, and even some of death metal’s extremity, Throne of Bones is a comprehensive listen of all things heavy and riotous.

Showing off that they’re equally at home with material that boasts substance and depth alongside the instant gratification of huge riffs and savage hooks, this album is a very satisfying listen.

Somehow, very unusually, Dead Label have done the near-impossible on a release like this – they have managed to avoid sounding generic and firmly have their own identity. Although they’re clearly at home on the more extreme end of the modern/groove metal spectrum, they have the songwriting skills to appeal to a wider fanbase too, especially as everything here is delivered and produced with such a professional, passionate zeal.

The band don’t limit themselves to being just one thing, which is why they take quite a few different influences from the sub-genres and styles mentioned above. As I also said earlier; this makes for a very comprehensive listen, as each of the songs on this album has something a bit different to offer the listener.

Every song has obviously been crafted with real care and attention to detail. There is absolutely no filler here. The content on the album is exactly as long as it needs to be to achieve its aims, and the same is true of the song lengths themselves. Each track tells a story and takes the listener on a largely brutal and extremely memorable journey.

The band’s love of death metal and of colossal aggression is notable from the very first track, but this is mixed with an appreciation for song structures that develop naturally over time, and enough decent ideas and quality songsmithing to really make the listener sit up and take notice.

Dead Label have managed to produce an album that has really impressed. In an ocean of throwaway metal bands that focus on heavy groove to the exception of all else, here is a band that are the real deal; this album has songs, aggression, passion, and grit in abundance.

I think Throne of Bones has the potential to become one of my favourite heavy non-death metal releases.

I can highly recommend this one. It’s just so good. Have a listen and turn the volume all of the way up.


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