Wastes – Into the Void of Human Vacuity (Review)

WastesWastes are a French funeral doom band and this is their debut album.

Into the Void of Human Vacuity is essentially one long song that lasts 45 minutes, divided, (for some reason), into seven tracks.

Covered in filth and enhanced by subtle keyboards, this is music that’s slow and emotive. Filled with textured delivery that seems layered with dark melodies, grim guitars, and dying hopes, the music of Wastes is so delightfully devoid of anything positive or uplifting that I can’t help but be drawn deep into its crushing embrace.

The music seems to prowl along at a powerful, unrelenting pace, developing and unfurling at an almost glacial speed across the playing time of the album. This is music that seems to have a momentum all of its own; woe betide anyone or anything that gets in front of it.

I love it when doom is slow, and I mean properly slooooow. This certainly is, and it’s impressive how much content the band manage to deliver in music that could have been overly simplistic, but actually isn’t. Slow isn’t the only speed that the band operate at, of course, but it is one that forms the bulk of the material here.

With multiple vocalists adding to the band’s pained outpourings, the vocals are almost as layered and as relentlessly uncompromising as the music is. Guttural growls are offset and added to by serrated screams, for example, and both are performed to the highest standards.

My only complaint, (which is a relatively minor one), is that I wish they had released this as one long track rather than cutting it up into seven shorter ones, (unless this is just my version…?). As I say though, this is a minor quibble and purely down to my personal preferences for this kind of thing. Ultimately, it doesn’t change the actual music at all, and Into the Void of Human Vacuity is one of the best examples of extreme funeral doom that I’ve heard in quite some time.

Highly recommended.

EDIT: Apparently the non-promotional version of this album will be just one long track, without it being sliced up into smaller ones. Hurrah!


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