Ravens – Comfort Is a Slow Death/Freedom from Worry and the Fear (Review)

RavensRavens are a post-rock band from Ireland and this is their debut release.

This release contains two songs, has less than 9 minutes of music, and is instrumental in nature. It’s basically to whet the appetite.

With the usual instruments added to by keyboards, the band proceed to demonstrate what they have to offer with confidence and skill.

We start off quietly. Softly. This builds gradually and reminds of some of Explosions in the Sky’s work mixed with some Cloudkicker. It’s an unassuming, yet quietly-confident delivery that demonstrates a band comfortable in their own collective skins. Even when the distorted guitars kick in near the end, it remains a subtle track, and ultimately makes a good impression.

The second song has more of an immediately upbeat nature. Still recalling Cloudkicker, only with a shoegaze feel this time, as the song advances it also develops progressive elements, notably in the way that the drums and bass work together. Near the middle the track changes, becoming slow, drawn-out, and darkly emotive. This works for me very nicely indeed, and the band show that they can build atmosphere effectively with seemingly very little effort. Pixies meets Mogwai? It gets the idea across.

This release shows a lot of promise for this new band, and I look forward to what they do next. As I said earlier; this is basically to whet the appetite of the listener and to make them hungry for more. Consider this achieved.

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