Cimejes – Summoning Warrior Possession (Review)

CimejesThis is the debut EP from this US one-man black metal project.

Here we have a short, vicious slice of underground, raw black metal. However, all is not what it might initially seem to be with Cimejes.

As well as the blasting speed and grim hatred that are both inherent in a release like this, the songs on Summoning Warrior Possession also have a fair amount of otherworldly atmosphere and malicious mood. This is in no small part down to some of the harrowing, terrifying guitar riffs and melodies that infest these tracks.

The brains behind Cimejes certainly doesn’t see things in a typical black metal way when it comes to the guitars, much to our benefit. This instrument is wielded like a weapon on this release, with the melodies and distorted rhythms coming across as quite spectral and unusually maleficent in places.

This is the defining attribute of these tracks for me; the guitars are atypical, richly evocative, and darkly mellifluous; they seem to slide like ethereal snakes in and out of reality. This feeling of reptilian lethality and intelligence is also given off by the vocals, which sound menacing and evil enough to complement the guitars. High-pitched and hissing, the singer’s voice is as deadly as the music.

This entire release gives off waves of danger and venomous warning. Cimejes certainly isn’t for your average black metal fan, and anyone interested in this should approach with a weary caution. However, if you are hardy enough to survive its bite, then Summoning Warrior Possession is apocalyptically enjoyable.

Recommended for all fans of the darkest, most dangerous reaches of the underground.

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