Gridfailure – Scathed (Review)

GridfailureGridfailure is a one-man experimental noise project from the US. This is his latest album.

Shedding the collaborations and guests of his more recent previous work, Scathed is 53 minutes of unfiltered insight into the mind of this prolific and terrifying artist.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Gridfailure’s work is its ability to create evocative nightmarescapes that are incredibly immersive. This latest release is no different in this regard.

Scathed is the sound of external insanity, clawing its way at the edges of your subconscious, trying to get in. My advice? Don’t let it, although you may not have much of a choice…

In one way the music on this release is so jarringly unpleasant that the tracks are completely out of touch with everyday reality, (thankfully). This is to the point where it’s obvious that the listener is experiencing something so darkly sinister as to cause them to recoil back into their safe, sanitised existence.

However, in another way, these hymns to devastation also manage to wilfully impose their twisted and disturbing visions of humanity’s impending demise on reality’s fragile veneer with reckless force, compelling the listener to pay strict attention. As this occurs, their perception is reshaped along harrowing and upsetting lines, so that they emerge at the end of the album changed and mentally undone.

This is what happens when Gridfailure comes knocking, scratching at the boundaries of your mind, at the gateways of perception. Forget what I said before; let it in. Let it all of the way in. You won’t regret it, and if you do…well, you won’t really be you anymore, so what does it matter?

Become Scathed.

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