Paganizer – On the Outskirts of Hades (Review)

PaganizerThis is the latest EP from these Swedish death metal legends. Paganizer are always a welcome listen.

Paganizer clearly aren’t messing around on this release. With four songs in just under 14 minutes, this is all about classic-styled Swedish death metal, played with the skill of veterans by the mastercrafters that Paganizer undoubtedly are.

Aggressive groove and macabre melody; these are the bedrocks of this kind of thing, and it would be silly to think that at this stage in their career Paganizer didn’t know what they were doing. The grooves find you moving along quite freely, while the melodies stick in the brain like an icepick.

Deep growling vocals accompany the music like constant, welcome companions. Like the music, the vocals are perfect for the style and provide the requisite level of brutality.

In some ways there’s not a lot to say about something like this. This is not the kind of EP that warrants any deep analysis. Basically, it’s well-written Swedish death metal that absolutely rocks.

Get this.

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