Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery (Review)

NecrowretchThis is the third album from this French blackened death metal horde.

Necrowretch play ugly, underground blackened death metal that has some hints of thrash metal included for extra bite.

Although mainly rooted in the old-school, the band’s music has a kind of era-less quality to it as they also incorporate some new-school aggression into what they do.

Satanic Slavery is a ravenous beast. The songs are utterly bloodthirsty and you feel like you might lose a limb just by listening to them.

The tracks are blasphemous odes to early extreme metal, while also paying attention to what’s gone on since the first death and black metal bands crawled out of the caves, forests, and crypts they were hiding in.

Fast and savage, the songs nonetheless show a keen guiding intellect behind them, no matter how ferocious and unhinged they appear on first glance. It’s this effort that has gone into the compositions here that elevates the songs above those of a lot of their peers; these are well-crafted maelstroms of devastation and destruction.

The vocals are hideous screams, straight form the black metal playbook. The singer’s voice appears to echo in your mind as he lets loose the darkness within him, shredding your sanity and inducing a barbarous state.

Combining blast beats, brutality, vicious vocals, and dark melodies in some very enjoyable ways, this is a very pleasing and satisfying album to listen to.

Highly recommended.


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