Vorzug – Three (Review)

VorzugThis is the latest EP by US death metallersĀ Vorzug.

This is blackened death metal. It’s an old-school concoction with dark melodies and vicious riffs.

I enjoyed Call of the Vultures, and although Three isn’t quite as good as their full length, it still shows a band that largely know what they’re doing.

The guitars are brutal, yet quite catchy in many ways, with a bit of a thrash influence too. The songs as a whole have their catchy moments too, once you get past some minor production issues. The riffs are serrated and sharp, existing underneath the vocals and guitar leads, while merged with the drums and bass quite tightly.

The singer uses deep growls and blood-curdling screams across the three songs. They’re slightly high in the mix for my tastes, but this is not a deal-breaker, just personal preference.

Three is an enjoyable release that demonstrates a band that are still on the right track. I look forward to their next outing, and think that with a few tweaks here and there to their sound, they’ll be stronger than ever.

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