Impavidus – Eradication of Mankind (Review)

ImpavidusImpavidus are a UK metal band and this is their second EP.

The band’s debut EP was a quality release from a hopeful new metal band, so it’s great to catch up with what they’re up to a year or so later.

Impavidus focus their efforts on creating catchy groove/thrash metal with some melodic death metal elements. On their first EP they clearly established themselves as a band that knew what they were doing, and now on Eradication of Mankind they have followed up their early promise with a pretty damn stonking new set of tunes.

Blasting into action, quite literally, the songs have a powerful sound and they straight away show the band’s easy mastery of heaviness, aggression and catchy melodies.

The singer’s already decent voice has improved, with her growls more convincing and her cleans even richer. She’s backed up by the occasional male shout, and these just add another aspect to the songs.

The band’s style is still a mix of bands along the lines of Arch Enemy, Carcass, The Agonist, The Haunted, Lamb of God, etc. but they’ve refined their songwriting and the tracks on Eradication of Mankind are very enjoyable indeed.

The songs are well-written and carefully balance instant-hit aggression with a deeper sense of emotive content, helped in no small part by the impressive clean vocals of their singer. Mixed with some decent riffing, the tracks on this too-brief EP hit that sweet spot between accessibility and heaviness.

Polished, confident and full of metal attitude, the return of Impavidus is well-received and very pleasing.

This is a band that are, (hopefully), not destined to remain undiscovered in the underground for too much longer. They’ve more than enough talent, personality and songwriting skills to deserve one of the larger metal labels taking an interest in them. Until that happens, just relish the fact that you got there first.

Very highly recommended.

Favourite Track: Lies. Catchy as Hell.

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