Morfin – Consumed by Evil (Review)

MorfinMorfin are a death metal band from the US and this is their second album.

It’s old-school death metal time! Sometimes you just want a hit of the good stuff, to revel in the purity of something like Consumed by Evil. This is what Morfin deliver; pure old-school death metal goodness.

2014’s Inoculation was a very pleasing slab of old-school worship. This latest album by the band takes everything that was good about Inoculation, trims the fat by about 10 minutes or so, and delivers an album that’s short, to-the-point and brutally enjoyable.

Consumed by Evil reeks of 80s/90s death metal, (with a large nod to Death), so much that even the production sounds authentically old-school. It’s one of those releases that you can imagine being written and recorded decades ago and sealed in a vault until now.

Dirty riffs and necrotic atmospheres are all present, as is the singer’s rabidly snarled vocals. It may not be anything you haven’t heard before, but who cares? Morfin are a band that know exactly where their strengths lie and anyone with a taste for death metal’s older, (younger?), days should find a lot to enjoy here.

There’s an almost experimental aspect that rears its head near the middle of the album too, with tracks like Illusions of Horror and especially Posthumous allowing the band to get creative with their instrumental side. What they come up with is a joy to hear.

Bands like Morfin rely on songs to be effective beasts, as they don’t have shiny modern productions, insane technicality or barrages of constant blast beats to hide behind. In this way, you pretty much know exactly what you’re getting with an album like this, and the honesty of delivery is both refreshing and invigorating. Not everyone feels the same way about old-school death metal, of course, but for me, songs like these are death metal as it should be; muscular, taut and catchy.

I like Morfin. I like Morfin a lot. Long may they continue to pollute the mainstream with their unfashionable brand of death metal. Just as it should be.

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