Analepsy – Atrocities from Beyond (Review)

AnalepsyAnalepsy are a brutal death metal band from Portugal and this is their debut album.

Holy shiiiit, have I been waiting for this one! I have played the band’s debut EP Dehumanization by Supremacy to absolute death, and now I’m soooo hungry for more.

It’s fantastic to have some new material from the band and they haven’t disappointed at all.

Brutal death metal, slamming death metal, deathcore, whatever – it’s all smashed together in these 30 minutes to create one of the ultimate murderous adrenaline rushes you can get outside of the mighty Infant Annihilator.

This kind of thing is just so ridiculously over-the-top crushing that it’s sickeningly good. Brutally heavy riffs, utterly guttural growls, demolishing rolling double bass, grotesque blast beats…all wrapped up in songs that you actually want to listen to over and over again; this is in contrast to a lot of¬†their more one-dimensional peers, who can easily get a bit tiring after the instant gratification has worn off.

This is the great thing about Analepsy – as soon as you stick them on you get all of the instant gratification you need from the style, but the songs are so damn good that the replay value is huge.

Speaking of huge, for this kind of band to really shine you need a suitably large production, and Atrocities from Beyond doesn’t fall short in this regard.

I could literally listen to this all day. As much as I love complex and involved music that’s highly emotive, with plenty of subtlety and nuance, sometimes you just want to listen to something that you can absolutely destroy everything to. Analepsy fit the bill better than almost everyone.

After the top quality calling card that was their 2015 EP, the long-awaited follow up by the band is a revelation of brutality. Analepsy are one of the absolute best purveyors of this monstrous strain of brutal death metal.

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