From the Shores – Of Apathy (Review)

From the ShoresFrom the Shores are an Italian melodic death metal band. This is their debut album.

Are you in the market for some fast, melodic, cutting death metal? Well look no further!

The vocals on this release are very good indeed. Mainly deep growls, these are also backed up by charismatic screams that add a further level of savagery to things when they appear.

As for the music – this is fast and melodic, using melodic death metal as a stylistic base. The band add a blackened sheen to this in places too. I’ve seen them described as blackened death metal, and I can see why.

The songwriting plays to the skills of the band, and the album is structured and composed with a good flow through the entire playing time. The band’s high-energy delivery means that the attention doesn’t waver, and in the end you want more of their sugary treats, so sweet are they. Thankfully the band offer more than just the instant satiety of this side of their sound, and there’s some real substantial meat to these songs too.

The melodic guitars have lots of bite. Some decent solos appear too, and overall the guitars are one of the things about this release that really hit the spot. Add to this the punishing drums and impressive vocals, and you have an album that satisfies.

This really is a very strong release. If you mix The Black Dahlia Murder with At the Gates, you’ll have a good idea of where From the Shores are coming from.

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