Invasion – Destroyer of Mankind (Review)

InvasionInvasion are a death metal band from the US. This is their fourth album.

War metal. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing. (Say it again).



Yes, that’s the level of my humour today I’m afraid…

But anyway. Bad ‘jokes’ aside, Destroyer of Mankind takes thematic influence from the horrors of World War II, while musically we’re in the realm of classic death metal with a hearty thrash influence that’s been ably added to the copious carnage that the band unleash.

With blasting venom and an occasional eye for a decent melody, the tracks on Destroyer of Mankind hit somewhat of a sweet spot between fast brutality and riff-hungry aggression.

The musicianship is of a high standard and I particularly like the solos. The rhythm guitars are on fire too, and the band seem to have quite the armoury of fast and mid-paced riffs that are powerful enough to take out a tank.

Invasion have enough experience to know what makes good death metal, and the songs on this album hit just the right tone. They’re well-written and well-performed all-round, and the entire album is a very enjoyable and satisfying collection of tunes.

Think of a mix between certain elements of Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm, Hate Eternal and Dying Fetus. Yep, Invasion are pretty damn good at what they do.

A recommended listen.

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