I Am – Life Through Torment (Review)

I AmThis is the debut album from US deathcore band I Am.

Life Through Torment is 28 minutes of aural thuggery that blends groovy heaviness with savage extremity.

Mixing 90s styled metalcore with elements of modern deathcore, this is a brutally heavy and ferocious album that takes no prisoners and is determined to crush all in its path with extreme prejudice.

With a beating heart of pure aggression, I Am mix together huge chugging beatdowns and malicious blast beats with the odd more emotive section that still attempts to smash everyone nearby.

The emotive passages are delivered by the guitars for the most part, as the vocals are unrelentingly growled and ultra-aggressive. These guitars are primarily what lend the band a 90s feeling, as the heavier and more violent aspects of their sound are distinctly modern in delivery, akin to bands like Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For an Autopsy and the like. It’s almost as if a long lost album by Pro-Pain or Hatebreed, (or whoever), has been brought out of wherever it was hiding and has been covered and modernised by one of the aforementioned bands.

The death metal elements in the band’s sound are quite modern in nature though, as you would expect, reminiscent of the previously mentioned deathcore bands alongside a bit of Dying Fetus and a host of bands from the slam style.

This is a very enjoyable album that rages, grooves and burns the house down around you. It’s raucous, belligerent and resolutely won’t be tamed. There’s more than enough heavy hostility here to keep fans of this kind of thing happy, and I count myself among them.

It’s hard to keep still while listening to this. Like a less extreme, more modern slamming death metal album, Life Through Torment will put you through your paces and I imagine it sounds killer live.

One to check out for sure.

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