Ghost Iris – Blind World (Review)

Ghost IrisThis is the second album from Danish djent band Ghost Iris.

Blind World mixes the progressive, technical and modern metal strains together with the djent style into 39 minutes of heavy beats, complex riffs and catchy songs.

The vocals mix guttural shouts and cutting screams together with soaring cleans; on paper it may be the standard vocal approach for this kind of thing, but it’s done very well and in reality the band know when to apportion more of one or the other style to meet the best needs of the song. The fact that the clean vocals are not the main focal point all of the time is great to hear too, as sometimes you just really want more bite in your djent.

The music combines technicality with a more straightforward approach and for the most part effectively balances the two against each other. This is also true when it comes to the aggressive and atmospheric sides of the band. Both are well-represented, with the former mostly outstripping the latter in a way that works quite nicely.

The aforementioned sections that are more atmospheric and emotive frequently line up with the contributions from the clean vocals, as is the natural state of things. Juxtaposed against the harsher vocals with the backing of some atypical heavy djent riffs, nasty beats and elastic bass, then the scene is set for songs that hit more than they miss.

I like that Ghost Iris are clearly eager to put their own personality into their music, as djent is typically a genre where far too many bands just sound faceless and interchangeable. Overall the songs here are well-written and although the band’s music has a firm foundation of the djent style, this is enhanced by the other styles I have previously mentioned. The gentle female vocals that make an appearance at the end of the album also show that they’re willing to throw a few other ideas into the mix too.

This is an important fact – Blind World gives you just the right hit of djent, stopping before becoming pure djent, (and therefore normally quite boring), by including progressive, modern and technical elements into its sound. Add to this the catchy songs, lots of aggression and clean vocals that know how to hit a good melody…Ghost Iris are easily better than a lot of their peers.

Yes, this gets the seal of approval. Check it out.

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