Question – Reflections of the Void (Review)

Question - Reflections of the VoidThis is the second album from Mexican death metallers Question.

I enjoyed both 2014’s Doomed Passages and 2017’s Gnosis Primordial, so now that we have Reflections of the Void, with its new 36 minutes of material, I knew I had to dig in.

Question play an esoteric form of underground death metal that draws influence from the classic artists from the 90s, and then presents the resultant musical creations as otherworldly songs that are offered up at the altar of individual, cosmic death metal.

The songs are intricate and nuanced, without being off-putting or self-indulgent; this is well-written music. Obscure riffs and an intelligent application of brutal heaviness are combined with forbidding auras and dark atmospheres. This is an album that capably and effectively crafts a journey for the listener to embark on.

Question’s songwriting is rooted in old-school death metal, but a version of this that has a sophisticated, progressive edge to it. I hear more Death in the band’s music these days, but only as one influence of many; Question play the sort of music where you could make a few different comparisons to other bands, but ultimately none of them really feel quite right.

The production this time is clearer and more professional, lending a new side to the Question experience. The band have managed to keep an appropriately gritty sheen, however, and it’s certainly not overly polished or pristine. Question sound good.

Reflections of the Void is a very strong release in all of its areas. With any luck it will see Question attaining a much-deserved higher profile in the metal of death underworld.

Very highly recommended.

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