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Omnizide’s latest release Nekroregime is a blackened assault on the senses. The band play blisteringly fast and mid-paced blackened groove equally as well as each other, and the entire album is a dark and sinister treat.

Omnizide’s guitarist Anders provided some further insight into the album and what the band are up to…

Introduce us to Omnizide

Well, we play death/black metal, started back in 95 under a different name (just me and Nox back then). After a few years we disbanded but reformed again in 2010 and started to write and record music again.

What are your influences?

When it comes to the music I don’t think of any specific band when I write the song. But inevitably you get influenced by things you listen to and things you like.

Most old black metal and old death metal, though I listen to a lot of different genres, I guess you can hear some crust and doom influences on this album as well.

When it comes to the lyrics we’re inspired by murder, horror, war and the darker sides of mankind. Total Death.

How would you describe your band to people that have never heard you before?

Dark vicious black/death metal with some slower parts as well.

I think to best way is simply to encourage people to listen to our songs, there’s some on YouTube and other media. And hopefully they like what they hear.

Omnizide Band

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

I really like the Cynabre Urne EP “Light the torches”. Really good death metal.

I also listened a lot to Third Eye Rapists , really vicious stuff.

The latest EP (and the demo as well) from French Venefixion, death metal just the way I like it.

Bat’s Wings of Chains is also an album I really enjoyed. Real old school metal and one of the best albums from 2016 in my opinion.

And I’ve been listening to the upcoming Wan CD lately as well.

I can recommend those bands to anyone!

Tell us about Nekroregime

Well, it’s our second album, and compared to Death Metal Holocaust (our first album) I think it’s maybe a bit more black metal sounding this time and more varied. We have developed our sound further, and the whole process was a bit more professional this time since we actually use a “real” studio. Although I think it’s still the Omnizide sound.

It’s been a long process to finish this album so we’re really happy that it’s finally released.

How were the songs written?

Usually I come up with the riffs and an idea for the song structure and we forge them together into songs in the rehearsal room.

B-Force has come with a lot of ideas when it comes to the arrangements and him joining the band has really been an inspiration, he has brought a bit of a different way of thinking to the band, and I really appreciate his feedback on the music I write.

When it comes to the lyrics Gaddur has written most of them, I have written lyrics for some of the songs and Nox and B-force (With “Himmelstrasse” it was B-force’s lyrics that inspired me to write the music for that song) has contributed as well.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

That varies, but I really like the first song “Himmelstrasse” it turned out real good. And “Doomsday Revelations”, as it was the first song we wrote for the new album. The slower “Walls of Flesh is an other favourite since I think it show an other side of Omnizide, I really like the mood of that one and it was actually the last song written for the album.

How did the recording process go?

Very slow! We recorded only on weekends, one or two shorter sessions per month so it took a long time to get it done. When recording an album during that long time you tend to get very tired of the songs, but it turned out in a good way in the end. We used a studio that was own by a friend of ours, Erik. Who did a great job!

What are your opinions on the current state of the extreme metal scene?

I think it’s quite strong! Things have really improved a the last years, I think especially the Swedish scene of today is probably as stronger than ever with lots of great new bands. Of course there will always be a lot of crappy bands out there’s but it’s a growing number that keeps that ancient spirit alive. Something I really appreciate! Although I still miss those days when black metal still felt like something dangerous, obscure and extreme. I think that feeling is lost nowadays.

What will 2017 bring for Omnizide?

Since we spent most of 2016 recording and working with “Nekroregime” we will hopefully try to play some shows during 2017, so that’s our main focus for next year. And a vinyl version of Nekroregime will come somewhere in January/February, so we’re looking forward to that as well. Though we’ve already written a bunch of new songs, so you’ll never know what happens.

Any final words?

Thanks for the support. We really appreciate it! Check out Nekroregime!

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