Zeit – Monument (Review)

ZeitZeit are an Italian hardcore band and this is their latest EP.

It seems like only yesterday that 2015’s The World Is Nothing tore into the world with their brand of dissonant, violent Hardcore. The band are now back with a new EP, consisting of three originals and an At the Gates cover. It’s 11 minutes of intensity.

Continuing with their chosen method of assault, the music on Monument is dark, angular and demonstrates an intricate savagery that’s a finely tuned mix of technical ability and raw, atavistic passion.

Zeit are comfortably non-standard in their brutal assault. Think Converge, with an emphasis on their atypical, intelligently ferocious side.

Staring is off-kilter and nasty, demonstrating what the band can do in no uncertain terms. A strong opener.

They Run in Circles is a similar proposition, but also plays with mood and atmosphere more at the start of the song, before gleefully delving into the type of controlled chaos that The Dillinger Escape Plan would be proud of.

Monument is a more restrained beast in some ways, drawing on their punk and Converge influences without descending into plagiarism. It might be my favourite song on Monument.

The final track is The Swarm, the longest one here and a cover of the At the Gates song. It’s a surprisingly faithful cover of the original and it’s good to hear their take on it.

Zeit continue to impress. Short and violent, there’s no reason to not check this out.

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