Vashna – Know the Way to Embrace the Darkness (Review)

VashnaVashna are an Italian blackened death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Dense and murky, it’s immediately obvious to anyone with any hearing left after the band begin their assault that this is not music for the average metal fan.

This is the darkest and ugliest of death metal that’s been soaking up black metal’s evil vibes for some time, it seems. The music positively reeks of malignant corruption and how the band have spawned these depraved, nightmarish tracks and remained alive is anyone’s guess. I suspect dark pacts with strange entities.

The vocals are a combination of blackened screams and daemonic deathgrowls. Not only are they very well performed individually, but they frequently appear layered together, accentuating and reinforcing the other.

The music is relatively simple death metal that has been distorted and warped with a blackened influence to produce songs that are actually pretty darn good. Once you get past their hostile, near-impenetrable outer core, you’re then confronted by their equally-hostile inner core. Be afraid.

I enjoy the parts where they play ultra-fast, but I think my favourite bits are when they slow down and really give in to the dark, malevolent atmospheres.

As a debut release this shows a lot of promise, and I look forward to what they do next. With a few small refinements I think we could have a real dark power rising here.



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