Deathinition – Online (Review)

DeathinitionDeathinition are a Polish thrash metal band and this is their debut album.

Here we have around 40 minutes of charismatic music. Thrash and groove metal collide to create an enjoyable album that’s worth exploring. Think classic Anthrax and Testament with some groove metal modernity added in.

The vocals are quite unusual in some respects, and initially took about half a song or so to adjust to – this is not because they’re wildly unique or unusual so much, it’s more that the singer’s voice is perched right on that undefined knife’s edge between singing and shouting so that it takes you a moment to decide which he’s actually doing. The answer is that he’s doing both, of course.

It’s an uncommon thing to hear a singer with the style that this one has, as usually most thrash singers do either singing or shouting, or alternate between the two. Add to that the fact that the vocals are in Polish and the singer’s performance is a large contributor to why I find Deathinition to be such a charismatic band.

It’s not all about the singer, of course, as he’s backed up by a full band that seem more than competent at what they do. The guitarists throw around thrash riffs with wild abandon, but also know how to inject some subtlety and nuance into the guitars here and there, making for an uplifting thrash metal experience.

Although Deathinition have one foot firmly in old-school territories, the other is in groove metal land, which gives them an additional toolbox to plunder when it comes to riffs and song dynamics. They use these influences well, and the songs on this release balance both styles finely against each other, much like the vocals do in many respects.

The musicians know their craft, with some good solos and leads especially. The drums are solidly played and you can even hear the bass do its thing now and then.

With well-written songs and a good solid sound, Online is a really engaging and personable album that I’ve really enjoyed.

Make sure you check this band out and see what you think, they’re well worth a listen.

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