Oniricide – Revenge of Souls (Review)

OniricideThis is the debut album of Italian symphonic metal band Oniricide.

Oniricide ostensibly play Nightwish-inspired symphonic metal, but there’s more than just this going on here. The music here has a nice, earthy feel to it that reminds me of some doom metal bands as much as symphonic/melodic ones.

The Nightwish influence is only a starting point, as despite the keyboard orchestration on Revenge of Souls, Oniricide are by far a more down-to-earth proposition.

Here, the band take the bombastic, epic aspects of the parent style and perform them in a charismatic way that sometimes has more in common with doom metal than symphonic metal, to my ears at least.

In fact, I’d say that a decent, (but not perfect), description of the band would be the following; if you take a female-fronted traditional doom metal band and spruce it up a bit with keyboards, an increased melodic influence and much more metallic guitars, you’d probably end up with something close to what Oniricide sound like.

As I say, this is not a perfect description of the band, as musically we’re definitely more in symphonic/melodic metal territory than anything else, but sonically and spiritually there’s definitely a feeling of traditional doom about this. At least there is to me. Maybe my ears are off, it’s happened, but there we are, I stand by my assessment!

Either way, Revenge of Souls is female-fronted symphonic metal that definitely has something a bit different about it; this is not your standard by-the-numbers release – there’s more personality and simple honesty here than in a lot of releases by bands that peddle this kind of thing.

As for the singer; she is less-operatic than some of her peers, which is another reason I feel urged to compare her to some of the singers of female-fronted doom bands. Her voice has a similar quality, and should she ever get tired of Oniricide I’m sure there’s plenty of doom metal bands that would kill to get their hands on her vocal talents. Yes, she has a really, really good voice, one that has the aforementioned earthy quality in spades, despite also demonstrating more than just this side of her delivery.

With plenty of quality metal licks, lots of catchy hooks and good songwriting, Revenge of Souls is the sound of a band playing a style they love with honesty and personality. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, and firmly recommend them to you.

Check them out.

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